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Our Legal, Compliance, and Ethics teams ensure we make decisions that are not only good for our customers, but also lawful and ethical. We need experts to make sure our stores follow all laws and regulations. More than that, we need to work together to make sure we operate according to our high ethical standards.

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    Advise the business on a wide variety of business matters, with a focus on innovative legal solutions.

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    Support stores by creating programs to ensure they follow local and state laws for every product in the store.

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    Ensure we operate according to the high standards of integrity laid out by the company’s founder Sam Walton.

New and exciting opportunities

    The Director of Employment and Ethics Compliance Programs is responsible for developing the strategy relating to compliance in his/her subject matter, developing the compliance program, and providing direction and oversight on subject related compliance matters within the market in coordination with the Vice President for US eCommerce Regulatory Compliance and the US eCommerce Chief Compliance Officer. This position must develop and implement strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce, cultivate an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics while developing and leveraging internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals. The person in this role will work closely with HR, legal, business and Global compliance teams. We are looking for an experienced Labor and Ethics Compliance person with a deep understanding of labor employment matters.

    The person in this role will also be responsible for creating a vision for Walmart eCommerce Ethics and Employment Compliance, by developing cohesive strategies for ethics and compliance awareness; setting a framework for ethics awareness; and developing strategic partnerships with global ethics and compliance programs. This person will direct, oversee, and improve U.S. eCommerce Ethics and Employment Compliance awareness channels by evaluating and developing enhanced content messaging, materials, and delivery methods and removing barriers to program implementation. This Director will oversee Ethics and Employment Compliance programs for the growing portfolio of Walmart’s U.S. eCommerce businesses by building relationships with internal business units to better understand their business practices and oversee the design of ethics and compliance strategies tailored to their business.

    Position Description:

    • Assess, implement and enhance existing controls on labor and ethics compliance matters
    • Assists in the development and implementation of compliance strategies by collaborating with key stakeholders to strengthen strategies and ensure alignment of compliance initiatives; monitoring implementation of and providing advice and guidance on strategic initiatives to ensure progress is being made towards strategic goals.
    • Consulting with eCommerce executive leaders on labor compliance risk exposure; advising and collaborating with strategic planning teams to develop strategies to manage identified opportunities;
    • Directing the creation and enhancement of compliance policies and programs to address changing needs;
    • Ensuring the development of training programs for Employment Compliance and Ethics.
    • Working in collaboration with HR business partners to monitor and enhance controls.

    In addition to that, the Employment and Ethics Director will be required to:
    • Create a vision for global ethics awareness for the company and stakeholders
    • Cultivate an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics
    • Develop and implement strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce
    • Develop and leverage internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals
    • Direct, oversee, and improve global ethics awareness channels
    • Drive the direction and development of global ethics awareness strategies

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  • Global Ethics Intake Manager

    Legal, Compliance & Ethics
    --Manages incoming contacts (for example phone calls, emails, letters) to the Global Ethics Office by determining and addressing translation or additional information needs; analyzing issues described and exercising judgment in determining appropriate categorization and escalation based upon risks to the company, providing appropriate response to the reporter, direction the reporting individual to the appropriate person or group if the issue is not ethics related; classifying incoming ethics allegations into categories; assigning incoming contacts to the appropriate party based on investigation type and business alignment; and requesting additional information from the reporting individual if allegations are incomplete or insubstantial.

    --Analyzes ethics trends and data in order to provide proactive ethics guidance and advice

    --Executes ethics programs

    --Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans

    --Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions

    --Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics Learn More
    Organizes and manages global ethics case translation processes by managing the translation tracking process and database; updating the database
    with all incoming and outgoing translations; updating tickets in the case management system with finalized translations; ensuring ticket information is
    updated and accurate; and notifying appropriate contact that the translation is loaded and ticket is ready for review.
    Organizes and coordinates administrative needs for the Global Ethics Intake team by contacting vendors and scheduling testing dates, times, and
    locations; reconciling billed charges for Global Ethics Intake team; coordinating and maintaining calendars and schedules; making travel
    arrangements; managing caseloads in the case management system; and providing support for analyzing ethics data and trends.
    Manages and processes the Global Ethics contact inboxes by identifying spam email messages and deleting them from the mailbox; identifying non
    ethics contact messages and diverting them to the appropriate location; and determining valid ethics contacts and entering the provided information
    into the case management system.
    Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; using the Open Door Policy;
    and applying these in executing business processes and practices.
    Completes work assignments and priorities by using policies, data, and resources; collaborating with managers, co-workers, customers, and other
    business partners; identifying priorities, deadlines, and expectations; carrying out tasks; communicating progress and information; determining and
    recommending ways to address improvement opportunities; and adapting to and learning from change, difficulties, and feedback. Learn More
  • Senior Legal Assistant

    Legal, Compliance & Ethics
    Walmart US eCommerce is hiring a senior legal assistant to support the legal team and contribute to the effective management of the department, transactions, and marketing and merchandising matters by providing a high level of legal and administrative support. Responsibilities may include negotiating and drafting confidentiality and other agreements. The individual will work in a team environment under the guidance of several attorneys. Must have the ability to work with minimal supervision and handle numerous tasks simultaneously with attention to detail.

    • Completes work assignments and priorities in Legal support
    • Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity
    • Enters data and populates fields in various company and Legal software systems
    • Provides assistance to department with calendars and organizing meeting activities
    • Reviews legal files to send to outside counsel
    • Utilizes business and process knowledge to provide assistance with communications (for example, settlements, dismissals involving courts, administrative agencies, governmental agencies)

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    • Coordinates, completes, and oversees job-related activities and assignments
    • Ensures compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
    • Oversees Seafood Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan
    • Oversees Walmart's fruit ripening program
    • Oversees cold chain compliance within the distribution center to ensure products are kept at proper temperature
    • Oversees communication on product quality to the distribution center
    • Oversees quality, freshness, and food safety of grocery products in a distribution center as they flow from suppliers through distribution centers to stores and clubs
    • Prepares distribution center overhead budget
    • Provides recommendations to improve the quality of perishable products
    • Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates
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