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Walmart’s Aviation and Travel teams help us transport our associates across the globe. Our Aviation team provides a travel experience that is safe, reliable, efficient, and flexible while our Travel team oversees travel arrangements and global sourcing strategies for airlines, hotels, and ground transportation.

  • Walmart Associate

    Keep your cool

    In the face of tight schedules or even in a moment of crisis, you remain level-headed and follow proper procedure.

  • Walmart Aviation Associate

    Stay on course

    You know that travel often gets bogged down by details and delays, but you keep plans streamlined and on schedule.

  • Walmart Aviation Associate

    Customer first

    Customer service is at the heart of what you do. Staying flexible with a good attitude helps deliver that promise.

New and exciting opportunities

    • Directs overall aviation maintenance budget by analyzing financial performance; ensuring that expenditures meet budget requirements; identifying leverage opportunities (for example, internal inventory, vendor labor); evaluating requests for capital expenditures; and developing budget plans that maximize safety and minimize cost.
    • Drives compliance with state, federal, and international regulations for aviation maintenance operations and inspection functions (for example Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements); ensuring regulatory changes are incorporated into process and standards.
    • Develops aviation maintenance strategies and oversees their implementation by researching variables that could affect operations or safety; analyzing maintenance operations and identifying process improvements and gaps; analyzing data and anticipating risks with current processes or proposed changes; leading the selection and vetting of maintenance vendors; and developing procedures and contingency plans for instances where strategies and policies conflict with operational realities.
    • Creates a safety culture within aviation maintenance by identifying safety program gaps and developing mitigation plans for these concerns; incorporating safety plans and programs into the overall maintenance strategy; maintaining open communication about safety hazards, risks, and potential mitigation strategies; participating in safety teams (for example, Safety Action Group (SAG)) and advocating the use of safety systems (for example, Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)); and monitoring safety performance.
    • Provides overall direction by analyzing business objectives and customer needs; developing, communicating, building support for, and implementing business strategies; analyzing costs and forecasts and incorporating them into business plans; determining resource requirements; evaluating operational processes; measuring outcomes to ensure desired results; and promoting a customer environment.
    • Develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce by diagnosing capability gaps; recruiting, selecting, and developing talent; supporting mentorship, workforce development, and succession planning.
    • Cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics by integrating these values into all programs and practices. Learn More

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